Thursday, April 21, 2005

Mock Draft Watch Part 3

Draft News and notes

The Raiders have been busy the last few days. First
they trade cornerback Phillip Buchanon to the Houston Texans for a second and a third. Today, they dealt Tight End Doug Jolley to the New York Jets for the Jets's first rounder, 26th overall (which probably saved the Jets the embarassment of drafting Heath Miller. Don't they always waste picks on tight ends anyway?)

Also making a move are the Washington Redskins,
who acquired the 25th pick in the draft from the Broncos (for a third this year and the Redskins' #1 next year) and are looking to unload Patrick Ramsey if Jason Campbell is still on the board at 25.

I acutally like the Skins move for this reason: It's a bad move on their part. Even if they do draft Campbell, the Redskins are going to need that #1 next year to get a decent player to help him out, so it's gonna screw them in the long run.

And any bad move the Skins make is OK by this Cowboys fan.

Mock Draft Watch Part 3

Mark Maske, Washington Post
First Overall Pick: Aaron Rodgers, QB, Cal
Maske seems to go against the conventional wisdom that says Rodgers is falling on the 49ers board, but how much of what's coming out of 49ers camp about Alex Smith is subterfuge?

I don't think the Niners can go wrong with whatever they pick because they need *everything*.

(I take that back, the only way they can go wrong is by trading down.)

Cowboys Picks: (#11) Shawne Merriman, LB, Maryland; (#20) Khalif Barnes, T, Washington.
Another vote for Merriman, another worry that the Cowboys are actually going to take this guy and find out that he's a workout warrior. I don't know much about Khalif Barnes, other than he's big, played for a horrible Washington Huskies team, and broke his wrist last year.

Texans Pick: (#13) Alex Barron, T, FSU
Good pick if the Texans make it. I still think linebacker is their most pressing need.

Curt Sylvester, Knight-Ridder Newspapers
(via the San Jose Mercury-News)

First overall pick: Alex Smith
The consensus among mock draft writers seems to be that the 49ers are taking a QB, although we've heard other analysts say Braylon Edwards might go here. Sylvester thinks Smith has the better long-term value, so that's why he's picking him #1

Cowboys Picks: (#11) Shawne Merriman; (#20) Troy Williamson, WR, South Carolina
I'm sorry, I'm still not getting the fascination with Mr. Merriman. Is he really the top LB/DE hybrid? Troy Williamson would be an interesting pick at #20, but I have a hard time believing he will drop that far.

Texans Pick: (#13) Demarcus Ware, DE, Troy State
Listed as a DE, some think he's a hybrid. I think it would be just as good as the Marcus Spears pick that others were projecting.

Tomorrow: Mock Draft Watch Part 4
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