Thursday, April 7, 2005

What Happens Down in Ron Mexico, Stays in Ron Mexico

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From yesterday's Jim Rome Show:
The Smoking Gun reports that a woman has sued Michael Vick for allegedly infecting her with herpes. As evidence, they submit herpes tests Michael Vick allegedly took under the alias "Ron Mexico."

Ron Mexico? If you're gonna express your inner Latino with an alias, Mike, at least pick something that sounds authentic. Peyton Manning once went with "Francisco Garcia" or something like that when he needed to check into a hotel.

Naturally, Jim Rome's clones had a lot of fun with Vick's alias (never mind that none of them send e-mails under their real names).

Also having fun with this is the website who published this photo:

I thought about ordering a Ron Mexico Falcons jersey, but I figured someone else has already beaten me to the punch.

Anyway, the inspiration for the header:(Click on the "Play" button)

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