Monday, April 18, 2005

Too much attention

(Mock Draft Watch tomorrow, still working on getting a few things together.)

Kevin Blackistone had an interesting article in Friday's Dallas Morning News about whether or not the
Sheffield incident was a big deal because it was in the New York-Boston series. Blackistone thinks that if the incident had been during a Rangers series, it would not get as much attention.

The incident probably would have gotten media attention no matter where it was. The Brawl at Auburn Hills got much more attention, played out over a longer period of time and it was between basketball teams that are pretty far removed from East Coast media outlets. And as sick as it sounds, news and sports programmers will put on any occurence of mass violence, even if it's thrown road flares a soccer match in a "faraway place" (as Americans would view it) like Italy or a brawl at a football game in "the sticks" (as New Yorkers would view it) of South Carolina, strictly because it gets ratings.

Maybe the Red Sox and Yankees do get too much attention, but this isn't a good example of it.

Tomorrow: MNF Moving to ESPN.
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