Wednesday, April 27, 2005

The Dallas-Houston Edition.

Cowboys get Glenn

The Cowboys could get veteran corner Aaron Glenn, or at least
that's what the Fort Worth Star-Telegram is reporting.

I don't think he's got the skills left, but assignment corner Terence Newman and nickel corner Pete Hunter may benefit from having a vet like Glenn around, especially one that's been in Parcells system.

A game the Rangers should have won

The Texas Rangers got 4 solo home runs last night. Against a Seattle Mariners team
that has regular starters that bat below the Mendoza line, that should have been enough.

So what was the final score last night?
Mariners 7, Rangers 4.

And if that didn't bring Dallas Sports Fan down enough...

Mavericks are down 0-2 to the Houston Rockets.

Gil LeBreton of the Star-Telegram
thinks it's over for the Mavericks. The Dallas Morning News' Kevin Blackistone worries that Avery Johnson is cracking under the pressure.

On the flip side: John Lopez of the Houston Chronicle opines that
Jeff Van Gundy is simply outcoaching Johnson.

Bowl Game Shuffle

In more college football news, the
Houston Bowl is reportedly moving to New Years Eve to boost exposure. The move comes in response to it's lowest rating and crowd in the bowl's 5 year history for last year's Colorado-UTEP matchup.

Gee, you think the reason ratings were so low last year were maybe that no one wanted to see Colorado and UTEP play?

Because it's never too early to start talking about next year's draft.

USC quarterback Matt Leinart
is already being projected as the top pick in next year's draft by CBS Sportsline. Granted, he should have been #1 this year, but I think projecting next year's draft right after this one is silly.

I mean lots of things could happen to Mr. Leinart in between now and next April.

He could get injured at any time.

He could underperform during the season (a distinct possibility now that Norm Chow went to the Tennessee Titans). Or he could play the same and not have anything to show for it because his defense loses ballgames for him.

He could
date Alyssa Milano. Don't laugh, Milano and Oakland A's pitcher Barry Zito dated after Zito won the Cy Young in '02, and he hasn't been the same pitcher since. Now she's allegedly hanging with Leinart. Alyssa Milano could be the new Madden Cover.

He could win the Heisman again. You know, the "least likely to succeed in the pros" award.

He could put up bad numbers at the combine.

He could have a bad senior day.

The 49ers, who drafted a QB this year, may wind up with the #1 pick again.

Point is, any number of things could go wrong for Matt Leinart in between now and draft day to knock him out of the top pick. Which makes all projections right now sort of meaningless.

Tomorrow: Who knows?
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