Thursday, April 28, 2005

Deep in the heart of the NBA playoffs

Texas Team NBA Notes

Not only did
San Antonio take Denver behind the woodshed last night, the Spurs beat the Nuggets so badly that team leader Kenyon Martin lost his composure. To which the Denver Post's Mark Kisla took exception.

That high-altitude home court ain't lookin' so good now, is it?

By the way, the "high altitude fatigue" thing is the most overrated thing when it comes to the discussion of Denver sports. I've seen too many series where the Colorado Avalanche think the high altitude was gonna help them come back in a series, and then the other team goes into the Pepsi Center and plays a great game. Great teams play well anywhere.

In other basketball opinion, David Moore of the Dallas Morning News states that the
Mavericks need to match the Rockets' intensity if they want to get back into the I-45 Series.

Jeff Van Gundy is reminding his troops that the Rockets once came back from 0-2, the same 0-2 hole the Mavs are in now.

When's hockey getting it's act back together?

Top ranked Longhorn baseball loses to Texas State.

Normally when a top-ranked team is upset, it's a big deal. However, this story may have slipped under the radar:

The Texas State Bobcats, formerly known as Southwest Texas State, but dropped the "Southwest" part to appear less like the directional school that it is, beat
the #1 Texas Longhorns 2-1 Wednesday in baseball.

Tomorrow: Mavs-Rockets
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