Friday, April 22, 2005

Mock Draft Watch Part 4

NBA First Round Preview

Mind you, I'm only talking NBA because the Stanley Cup Playoffs are cancelled.

Eastern Conference
#1 Miami Heat at #8 New Jersey Nets
Yeah, I know Shaq is not 100%, but it's not an injury that will keep him out. Besides, who are the Nets gonna throw at Shaq? Jason Collins? Please. Nenad Krstic? *buzzzzzz* Jabari Smith? Wrong answer, McFly. Pick: Miami 4-1

#4 Washington Wizards at #5 Chicago Bulls.
If Eddy Curry had a healthy heart, I'd have to go with the Baby Bulls. Unfortunately without him, I think the Wizards will have an easy series. Pick: Washington 4-1
(On a side note, I just hope Eddy Curry doesn't suffer the same fate as the late Reggie Lewis did. That would be horrible.)

#2 Detroit Pistons at #7 Philadelphia 76ers
The Pistons are the champs until someone knocks them off, and they are going to use this series to make a statement. Pick: Detroit sweep

#3 Boston Celtics at #6 Indiana Pacers
Indiana is on a mission also, but the Celtics are a lot tougher team than the 76ers and the Pacers aren't going to have Ron Artest. Still, look for the Pacers to advance. Pick: Pacers 4-2

Western Conference
#1 Phoenix Suns at #8 Memphis Grizzlies
Every series in the West is going to go at least 6 games, and even the top team in the West is not immune. Memphis is a very tough team that has a great frontcourt, but I think Steve Nash and his leadership make the difference for the top seeded Suns. Pick: Phoenix 4-2

#4 Dallas Mavericks at #5 Houston Rockets
Dallas is finally playing some defense under Avery Johnson, but the Rockets are built very much in the mold of the Lakers' championship teams: Top-flight center (Yao), big time scorer(Tracy McGrady) and a cast of role-players. There's only one person who matches up with Yao, and that dude got traded to the Miami Heat last offseason. Pick: Houston 4-2

#2 San Antonio Spurs at #7 Denver Nuggets
The Spurs dodge Memphis, but get a red hot Denver team that will push them to the brink. Especially troubling is the fact that Tim Duncan was rushed back into the starting lineup. Pick: San Antonio 4-3

#3 Seattle Supersonics at #6 Sacramento Kings
Seattle, the weakest of the Division Champs, manages to dodge both Denver and Memphis. Sacramento is a shell of their past selves, but they should still squeeze out 2 games. Pick: Seattle 4-2

Mock Draft Watch Part 5

"Mean Eddie Walker"
A Cowboys fan blogger

First Overall Pick: Alex Smith
No shocker. 49ers need everything.

Cowboys picks: (#11) Demarcus Ware, DE, Troy (#20) Thomas Davis, S, Georgia Tech
DeMarcus Ware is another one of those DE/LB hybrids that the draft seems to be loaded with. I would put him over Maryland's Shawnte Merriman, whom all the MSM mock drafters think Dallas is going to go with at #11. I like that Eddie has gone with a safety, the problem is Thomas Davis is a natural strong safety and Roy Williams will be occupying that position now that Darren Woodson has retired.

Texans pick: (#13) Jammal Brown, T, Oklahoma.
Everyone knows the Texans need O-line help by now, so Brown is as good a choice as any.
Despite the name, this apparently is a fantasy football blog.

First Overall Pick: Alex Smith
Going with the grain here.

Cowboys Picks: (#11) Derrick Johnson, LB, Texas (#20) Mark Clayton, WR, Oklahoma
I will be ecstatic if we somehow manage to get Johnson at 11 and Clayton at 20. I just don't see how either of those guys will be available for us.

Texans Pick: Alex Barron, T, Florida State
Again, Texans need O-Line help (need LB help more but every available option seems like a reach at 13) and Barron is as good as anyone.

John Clayton and Len Pasquarelli,
No introduction needed.

First overall pick: Alex Smith
Again, no surprise.

Cowboys Picks: (#11) Demarcus Ware; (#20) Mark Clayton
I've already mentioned Ware. I like Mark Clayton too because I think he's fast, runs great routes and is a polished reciever, but I don't think he'll be around at #20. If we got both guys, that would be a great first round for the 'Boys.

Texans Pick: (#13) Ronnie Brown, RB, Auburn
I would not be surprised if Brown drops this far because all he's got is a combine workout, a Senior Day workout, and not much in the way of collegiate production because he couldn't beat out Cadillac Williams. I think someone's going to be stupid enough to pick him prior to 13, though. (Canada's ESPN)
With the Stanley Cup Playoffs permanently on ice (pun not intended), this may be the biggest sporting event in Canada this week, eh? (It sure as heck isn't going to be Raptors playoff basketball).

First Overall Pick: Aaron Rodgers
Gotta give TSN credit here for going against the grain, but Rodgers' stock is slipping fast.

Cowboys Picks: (#11) Shawne Merriman, (#20) Mark Clayton.
Corey from Sporting Fools, who probably sees more ACC football than I do down there in Florida, compared Merriman to Mike Mamula, which is kind of scary since Mamula is the poster child for workout warriors that don't pan out. See above for my comments on Clayton.

Texans' Pick: (#13) Alex Barron
Texans hope he can keep David Carr standing.

Dallas Morning News "Fans Mock Draft"

First Overall Pick: Alex Smith
Reader Lincoln Hamilton of Irving goes with the chalk, but says the 49ers will take Smith based on need. Of course, the Niners need everything, or else they wouldn't be picking #1.

Cowboys Picks:(#11) Demarcus Ware (#20) Marcus Spears, DE, LSU
Reader Ryan Hodge of Austin picks Ware, and says that he could be a Terrell Suggs-type 3-4 end. Robin Hale of San Antonio thinks the Cowboys will take the Tigers' Spears, but declines comment. Let me help you out, Robin: With Demarcus Ware and Jason Ferguson, Spears makes the defensive front instantly good.

Texans Pick (#13) Troy Williamson, WR, South Carolina
Reader Casey Clark of Frisco states that Williamson will, "give David Carr another weapon." Umm, doesn't David Carr have to stay upright first? How about a tackle? Or, how about a LB to replace Jamie Sharper or Jay Foreman?

Four to Watch

This weekend, there's only one to watch: the NFL Draft (11:00 AM ESPN) Don't watch anything else unless you got a rooting interest in the teams involved.

Monday: The Substitute Teacher Hands Out His Grades.
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