Friday, April 15, 2005

Ron Mexico Update

Astros get swept by Mets

Lisa Gray at The Dugout
sums up the frustration of Astros Nation nicely. My thoughts on the Astros' week in the Big Apple are simply unprintable.

Who knew Sheffield has a cool head?

Gary Sheffield has kind of a reputation for being surly and abrasive. So when a fan at Fenway Park interfered with his attempt to catch a foul ball, you had to fear the worst. Maybe not necessarily Italian soccer worst, but you figured something would happen. Nope.

And Sheffield deserves a lot of credit for not going Ron Artest on the fan. Not only that, Sheffield, by showing some restraint, made the fan look bad in the eyes of his fellow Red Sox fans.

Ron Mexico Update.

Last week, Cheap Seats got an instalanche after
blogging about a story from the Smoking Gun (via the Jim Rome radio program) that Michael Vick was getting sued by a Virginia woman who claimed Mr. Vick gave her herpes and took tests for STDs under the vaguely Latino sounding alias "Ron Mexico"

Even posted a photo of a "Ron Mexico" Falcons jersey

The NFL saying "No Way, Jose" to anyone trying to order that "Ron Mexico" Falcons jersey.

And they wonder why people think NFL stands for "No Fun League"

Well, their loss. Some dude is selling unofficial "Ron Mexico" merchandise can be found at

Four To Watch

Not a very good weekend for sports on national TV. I'm just going to list the games.
  • Nuggets at Rockets (Saturday 6:30 PM ESPN)
  • Oklahoma at Texas baseball (Tonight 6:00 PM & Sunday noon FSN Southwest)
  • Miami at North Carolina baseball (Saturday 6:00 ESPN2)
  • Braves at Phillies (Sunday, 8:00 PM ESPN)

Monday: Mock Draft Watch.

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