Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Nice game, Tech, but...

On the anniversary of Bobby Knight's career-defining moment(the chair toss), his current Red Raider team delivered a 69-65 win over the depleted Texas Longhorns as a present. Jarrious Jackson led the team in scoring on this night with 22 points, which is a good indication that he's handling opponents zone defense a lot better than he has in the past.

Another area where the Red Raiders' improved is breaking down the zone with the dribble and getting it to collapse. There were a few times in the game where they got points in the paint breaking down the zone this way, and a few other times where they were able to kick it out to Ronald Ross or Martin Zeno when Jackson penetrated and collapsed the zone.

Finally, Tech helped themselves by getting many points off turnovers, and keeping their own turnovers in single digits.

I have a couple of bones to pick with the Red Raider basketball team, though. First off, pasty white toothpicks like Brad Buchman and Jason Klotz should not be getting key baskets. Second, If you're a top-25, NCAA tournament-bound team and one of the top 4 teams in the Big XII, you should be burying teams with only 7 active scholarship players, not letting them hang around until 1:30 left in the game.

Still, they played tight defense down the stretch and put the Longhorns away, which is an improvement over how they handled the final seconds of regulation against Kansas.

For the Longhorns, Daniel Gibson continues to impress all who watch him and should be the Big XII Freshman of the Year (and possibly national Freshman of the Year if such an award exists) for the way he has carried a Texas team that has been weakened by suspensions and injuries. Bad loss for the 'Horns, though, as they drop to 6th behind Iowa State and will have an uphill climb making the NCAA tournament now that they are behind another bubble team and have to play the opening weekend of the Big XII Tournament.

The irony of the Bonds press conference.

Barry Bonds has been accused of steroid use and is trying to clear his name. Now, most celebrity people who are accused of a crime follow the cops (and their attorney's) advice and excercise their right to remain silent, and are usually better off in the end for it.

Bonds, however, opened his mouth and 'roid raged on the reporters, calling them liars and telling them how to do their jobs.

Not a good idea Barry, now you look more guilty than before.

And if you think there are more pressing problems in sportsthan steroids, Barry, try telling that to the folks at Colleyville Heritage High School, who are mired in their own steroid scandal because their athletes saw you jack 73 out of the park while you were taking the "cream" and the "clear" and wanted to improve their performance.

Better yet, talk to the family of Taylor Hooton, a Plano, Texas high school baseball player who died of a suicide brought on by steroid-related depression in July 2003. He saw the success you had on steroids, tried to emulate you, and paid the ultimate price. Tell that family there are more pressing issues than steroids, Barry.

One more thing: this isn't about race, Barry, it's about you cheating. Hank Aaron didn't cheat his way to 755. He dealt with real, "segregation now and forever, and death to those who think otherwise," racism in the process. People were seriously going to kill Hank Aaron if he broke Babe Ruth's record, and thank God they didn't succeed. You are just under public scrutiny for steroid use. No one's going to kill you if you pass Ruth or Aaron. Huge difference.

Tomorrow: Drew Bledsoe a Cowboy?
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