Friday, February 25, 2005

Moss Gathers a Rolling Stone?

Everyone in Oakland seems to like the Moss to the Raiders deal, though Minnesota fans hate it. However, there is plenty for both sides to hate.

I know Oakland has this tradition of taking other people's castoffs and making a team of colorful characters. And Randy Moss certainly qualifies as a colorful character. But now they have a glut of recievers with no one to throw them the ball. Kerry Collins isn't a winner, Rich Gannon is too far over the hill, and Marques Tuiasawhateverhisnameis is a bust. And they could have used that #7 pick either to get a quarterback or as part of a deal to move up.

(On a personal note: Al Davis, if you have any sense of humanity and decency, please, please trade former Red Raider Carlos Francis to a team that needs a receiver so he can have a shot at playing in this league).

Minnesota, on the other hand, got a linebacker when they are already loaded at that position. Yeah, the #7 pick is nice, but there's no guarantee Braylon Edwards will be there. So unless they are planning on moving a linebacker before the draft, this was a stupid trade.

Minnesota fans have the right to be upset. And if Reggie Fowler didn't make this move, he should sue Red McCombs for doing so, because McCombs just ran a bait-and-switch on Fowler.

It makes you wonder if when he walked off the field early sealed his fate with teammates and coaches. It also makes you wonder if the ghost of Mike Lynn, who once traded 6 picks to the Cowboys for Herschel Walker, whispers bad trade ideas the heads of Viking management.

Speaking of Trades...

Now, I don't follow the NBA closely, but getting Chris Webber from the Kings was genius for Philadelphia, especially considering that Philly lacks quality people down low. Plus, since the Sixers have Allen Iverson take over in crunch time, C-Webb disappearing the the 4th quarter won't be an issue.

As for the Spurs and Rockets, what the heck were they thinking dealing with the Knicks? The only thing the Knicks can give you in return is junk!

Four to Watch

Narrowing the field down to four this week was a tough call because the World Match Play Championships were this weekend and that could very easily come down to Tiger Woods against Vijay Singh, But there were 4 college basketball matchups that are more worth watching, 3 of them featuring the top 2 teams in each conference.
  • Kentucky at Alabama (Saturday 12:30 PM Central. CBS) - Kentucky faces it's only SEC challenger, though given what LSU did to 'Bama, it may not be much of a challenge for the Wildcats.
  • UConn at Pittsburgh (Saturday 2:45 PM Central, CBS) - Two Big East teams with identical 18-6 records, both of which need this win to improve their seeding.
  • Arizona at Washington (Saturday 3:00 PM Central, FSN Southwest) - Arizona is playing for a #1 seed, Washington is playing to pull within a game of Arizona. We know the folks at Sports and Bremertonians will be watching, at least.
  • Oklahoma State at Kansas (Sunday 3:00 PM Central, ABC) - Expect this game to have a March Madness atmosphere as both teams are playing for the Big 12 regular season title.

Monday: Fore!

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