Tuesday, February 22, 2005

What happened to the Jayhawks?

When Texas Tech beat Kansas last week, I felt like the Red Raiders had done something special. Now, with the Jayhawks mired in a 3 game losing streak and looking up at Oklahoma State, last Monday doesn't seem so special anymore.

Oklahoma beat Kansas yesterday to extend the losing streak to three. The game bore an eerie resemblance to the game Kansas lost last week. In both games, the Jayhawks' opponent jumped out to an early lead. In both games, Kansas managed to claw it's way back only to lose in the end. And in both games, Texas Tech and Oklahoma got contributions from players who don't normally contribute.

What's what was different about this game was that the Sooners were able to create offense by driving to the basket. That's something you would never figure would happen to Kansas so long as Wayne Simien was down low.

Among the people jumping off the Jayhawks' bandwagon at this point:
the Kansas City Star's Jason Whitlock.

Same Blog, New Location

No, Cheap Seats is not moving. With apologies to Sammy Sosa, Blogger has been very, very good to me.

But one of our blogosphere friends is.

Yoni Cohen, who was the first blogger to exchange links with me and was the first person to encourage me to keep blogging, has moved his site and improved it drastically. The site can now be found at

This new site is nice! It's got improved comments and a new "user diaries" section. Sort of a blog within a blog.

Following up: High School Steroid Use

The Dallas Morning News series on steroids continues to have ripple effects at school districts across the Metroplex. Now, Steroids are reportedly being used at Southlake Carroll High School, the preseason #1 team in the state of Texas, and apparently they used the same dealer that supplied steroids to Colleyville, Texas's Heritage High School, the school at the center of the DMN's steroid story.

Don't be surprised if your school is next. You would be naive, blind or stupid to think this stuff isn't going on at your school.

Tomorrow: Raiders-Horns (a must-win for Tech)
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