Monday, February 28, 2005

The Award Ceremony Edition

Lots of accomplishments this weekend. Congratulations go out to:
  • Pennsylvania for being the first team to clinch a 2005 NCAA Tournament berth.
  • Jim Boeheim for his 700th D-I victory
  • Texas Tech's Larry Hays for winning his 1400th baseball game on the way to sweeping all three games at the Midland Rockhounds Collegiate Classic.
  • Kansas for getting back on track against #4 OSU.
  • David Toms for stepping up and claiming the World Match Play Championships after all the top seeds tanked.
  • Clint Eastwood for promoting the heck out of the worst boxing movie ever made and turning it into Oscar gold. (Seriously, Rocky V was better than that cliched piece of crap).
  • Texas A&M hoops for beating the Red Raiders and maybe smacking some sense into them. (Ouch, that loss hurt)

And a dishonorable mention

We'd also like to thank Maurice Clarett for participating in the NFL Combine, and proving the NFL and the U.S. court system right.

Seriously, Mo, 4.82 was my best 40 time in high school, and that was with a very stiff tail wind. You weren't NFL material then, and you aren't now.

John Chaney auditions for an NHL coaching job.

I know the blogosphere has beaten this story to death, but I can't help but look at the John Chaney gooning of St. Josephs forward John Bryant and think, "Indiana fired Bobby Knight for less than that."

In fact, if it was Bobby Knight who ordered something like this, the majority of the people sticking up for John Chaney, saying the joke 3-game suspension was fair, or saying he shouldn't be fired would be demanding Knight's head.

I can't believe Phil Martelli is taking the gooning as well as he is, but good job by him to take the high road.

New Blogs

Cheap Seats would like to formally welcome the following blogs to the blogroll:

  • The Mid-Majority - With Championship Week starting Saturday and March Madness around the corner, I thought this would be the appropriate time to add this excellent blog to the blogroll, since it covers a lot of the "mid-major" teams that fall through the cracks of the media and the blogosphere and always surprise us come tournament time. Start reading his blog at the beginning of the year, it will help your office pool sheet later.
  • SportsProf - This site bills itself as intelligent discussion and delivers.

Tomorrow: The last Big Monday report of the year.

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