Monday, February 7, 2005

A Patriot Act that people won't protest over (unless you're in Philly)

Congrats to the Patriots on winning their third Super Bowl in 4 years.

Random Super Bowl thoughts...
(in no particular order)
  • What was it that Freddie Mitchell had for Rodney Harrison again? Mitchell had 1 catch the whole game and an illegal pick that the refs missed. That was his contribution.
  • The Abraham Lincoln fry ad didn't do anything for me. Neither did the Olympus camera/mp3 player ads.
  • Despite the insistence of many that he shouldn't play, Terrell Owens played. He was basically a possession receiver, though. It didn't look like he had the same speed. What matters though is that he didn't hurt his team by playing, and actually got some key yards.
  • I will not be seeing any of these movies they are advertising.
  • There were officially 5 turnovers by both teams in the game, not counting the 3 that were overturned by replay or wiped out by penalty. Had all the turnovers counted, they would have been 2 shy of the all time record for total turnovers set in Super Bowl XII (10)
  • Ads that were priceless: The two Ameriquest ads, the Lay's ad with MC Hammer, and the Fed Ex ad.
  • If the Pats had run Corey Dillon more, this game would have been a blowout.
  • Overall, I think the ads this year were better and more clever than the ads in previous years. Looks like the Janet Jackson flap had a positive effect in that regard
  • The Eagles understand that the clock runs when you get tackled in bounds, right? Seems like they didn't on the drive before the onside kick.
  • Best ad of the night: The Budweiser/Bud Light folks for their "thank you" ad to the troops.
  • Deion Branch got the MVP. This is why the NFL should take the MVP vote away from teenagers with cell phones.

Tomorrow: Well, you'll just have to tune in and find out.

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