Friday, February 4, 2005

Super Bowl Preview, Fin

Emmitt's Place in History

Well, it turns out ESPN was engaging in some wishful thinking the other day. Emmitt Smith is finally retired, ending the greatest rushing career in history. That's right, I said it, the greatest rushing career in NFL history. Look at the numbers

I'm sick of people not giving Emmitt his due. Every commentator is trashing him because he played behind a great offensive line. Guess what, most of the other greats played behind a great offensive line also. Why is only Emmitt getting penalized for it?

Some say he got a lot of one-yard touchdown runs because Michael Irvin couldn't find the end zone. That's solely on Michael Irvin, who's a good player, but not a Hall of Famer. Why do columnists want to make Emmitt Smith pay for Michael Irvin's mistakes?

The fount of most of the Emmitt criticism seems to be Skip Bayless, who is normally a good columnist, but he's got a history. He left Dallas for reasons still unknown, and is still acting out his bitterness towards Jerry Jones for whatever the the so-called transgression that was done to him by trashing Emmitt Smith. And the legacy of great players like Emmitt should not be tarnished by a bitter man like Bayless.

Four to watch
  • Georgia Tech at Duke (Saturday, noon Central, CBS) - Duke faces another ranked opponent. Should be a little easier at home, but you never know.
  • Cincinnatti at Charlotte (Saturday, 3:00 PM Central, ESPN - Charlotte can enhance it's profile with a win against the Bearkats
  • Indiana at Illinois (Sunday, noon Central, CBS) - Illinois should be on upset alert here, Indiana would make it's season by upsetting the undefeated Illini.
  • New England at Philadelphia (Super Bowl, Sunday, 6:00 PM Central, Fox) - If I have to explain why.....
Super Bowl Preview Part 4: Intangibles

The Eagles have the disrespect factor, which will carry you a long way, but they're up against a Patriots team playing for history. Rare is the team that gets to play for a Super Bowl, rarer still is the team that wins twice in a decade and gets to play for 3. The Patriots may act like they don't know, but they know. And they want it. You don't blow a shot at history.

The Pick
I guess it's really no surprise at this point, seeing as how I've given the Patriots the edge in every area. It's not going to be close. Patriots dominate in too many areas
Pick: Patriots 45-10

Have a good Super Bowl weekend everyone. Take care and God bless

Monday: Super Bowl Hangover
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