Wednesday, March 16, 2005

The Day Before

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Big welcome to
The Phog Blog (a Kansas Jayhawks blog), the latest addition to the blogroll.

NCAA TV Schedule

All Times Central and all games on CBS,
Big XII Teams in bold.
Games shown in the Austin Area in in italics (courtesy
KEYE 42 Website)

Tomorrow, March 16th
11:15 AM Kentucky vs. Eastern Kentucky
11:25 AM Wisconsin-Milwaukee vs. Alabama
11:40 AM Pittsburgh vs. Pacific
11:45 AM Oklahoma vs. Niagara
1:40 PM Iowa vs. Cincinnati
1:45 PM Pennsylvania vs. Boston College
2:00 PM Montana vs. Washington
2:05 PM UTEP vs. Utah
6:10 PM Chattanooga vs. Wake Forest
6:10 PM Nevada vs. Texas
6:20 PM Utah State vs. Arizona
6:25 PM Winthrop vs. Gonzaga
8:30 PM Fairleigh Dickinson vs. Illinois
8:30 PM Creighton vs. West Virginia
8:40 PM UAB vs. LSU
8:45 PM UCLA vs. Texas Tech


11:15 AM N.C. State vs. Charlotte
11:25 AM Ohio vs. Florida
11:30 AM SE Louisiana vs. Oklahoma State
11:30 AM Iowa State vs. Minnesota

1:35 PM UCF vs. Connecticut
1:45 PM New Mexico vs. Villanova
1:50 PM St. Mary's vs. Southern Illinois
1:50 PM Oakland vs. North Carolina
6:10 PM Louisiana-Lafayette vs. Louisville
6:10 PM Vermont vs. Syracuse
6:20 PM Northern Iowa vs. Wisconsin
6:25 PM Delaware State vs. Duke
8:30 PM Old Dominion vs. Michigan State
8:30 PM George Washington vs. Georgia Tech
8:40 PM Bucknell vs. Kansas
8:45 PM Mississippi State vs. Stanford

A note about tomorrow

Tomorrow's post will be up until late because I'm going to do a Bill Simmons-type diary, like he does on draft day. Except I'll be at an undisclosed sports bar somewhere in the Austin Metro Area. One that has wi-fi (yeah, that narrows things down in this town. Hell, even the grocery stores have wi-fi in Austin.)

(I will also cross post it at
YoCo :: College Basketball in the Diaries Section)

Go Texas Tech!

Tomorrow: Tournament Day Diary
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