Sunday, March 20, 2005

Tournament Journal: Saturday Recap

It's been computer problems on top of electrical storms on top of general fatigue from doing live journals for 2 1/2 days. Now we're rested and ready to go for today

So anyway, Recapping all the other action:
  • West Virginia 111. Wake Forest 105 (2OT) - In a day that saw 4 top 4 seeds get knocked off, this probably qualifies as upset of the day. West Virginia went to a half-court trap at halftime and Wake couldn't handle it. I think one of the storylines of the year has to be how far Wake has fallen. From preseason #1 to this... Not good.
    Credit West Virginia, though, for not giving up. This is why they went to the tournament final in one of the nation's deepest conferences.
    West Virginia now takes on Texas Tech, who beat Gonzaga today (you can read my game journal to find out more on that).
  • Utah 67, Oklahoma 58 - A big upset led by a big man. I'll admit to being very wrong here, I thought OU had big men who could contain Andrew Bogut, but Bogut isn't your average big man.
    I didn't get to see much of the game, but I hope for Bogut's sake that the excitable Kevin Harlan didn't use the phrase "Thunder from Down Under" on one of his dunks.
  • Wisconsin-Milwaukee 83, Boston College 75 - I have, to this point, hesitated to call either of Milwaukee's victories as upsets. Why? Well, they haven't really played a team better than them yet. Alabama and BC have both been hyped a lot and neither one was even a quarter as good as their billing.
  • Illinois 71, Nevada 59 - Considering that many other top seeds have fallen by the wayside, I think Illinois deserves a lot of credit for just taking care of buisness.
  • Kentucky 69, Cincinnati 60 - This is the one upset a lot of people thought was going to happen today, but it didn't. After all the postseason disappointments Bob Huggins has had over the years, you'd think the people who are supposed to know better would....
  • Washington 97, Pacific 79 - Today was not a good day for CBS's Seth Davis. He said Gonzaga was going to beat Texas Tech, even said at halftime that there was no way Tech was going to come back. That didn't happen. He also said Cincinnati was going to beat Kentucky. That didn't happen. He tops it all off by leading off the telecast by boldly predicting a Pacific win and saying Washington was the most vulnerable #1 seed. Neither have turned out to be the case.
    If Seth Davis picks your team, you should be worried. He's becoming the Barry Melrose of college basketball
  • Arizona 85, Alabama-Birmingham 63 - Lute Olson's club put on a clinic on how to play offense against a pressure defense.

More Cowbell tomorrow. Or maybe more Taco Bell. How about more blog? That sounds better.

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