Friday, March 18, 2005

Tournament Journal - 3/18/2005 (Evening Games)

Updates from earlier: Villanova over New Mexico, UConn over Central Florida, North Carolina over Oakland, and SIU over St. Mary's of California.

Early Evening Games

6:10 Vermont and Syracuse tip off from Worcester. This could be a close one, I expect CBS to provide frequent live look-ins.

6:13 Taylor Coppenrath scores the first points of the game.

6:18 TV Timeout. Vermont is now leading 6-4, but no one is running away with it at this point.

6:20 5 minutes until we switch to the tip of Duke-Delaware State.

6:23 Len Elmore just compared Coppenrath to Larry Bird. Is there an unwritten rule that every white U.S.-born college star has to be compared to Bird?

6:25 CBS switching to Charlotte, site of Duke-Delaware State. Calling the game, of course, are Jim Nantz and Billy PACCer.

6:26 (20:00) and we're underway

6:27 (18:53) Duke gets the first basket on a goaltending call. The officials aren't helping Duke out again, are they?

6:30 (17:30) Duke is using pressure defense over the first 3 minutes of the game, trying use their athletic edge. 8-3 Blue Devils.

6:32 (15:59) TV Timeout. 12-5 Duke. they switched away from the UNC game at the 4 minute mark in the UNC Game. Let's see if Duke beats it.

6:40 (13:29) Amazingly, Delaware State has cut it to 2 points.

6:40 (13:14) Jascha Bluntt scores to tie it for Delaware State! I figure that's as close as it's gonna get to the Dookies losing this game, so I guess I should enjoy it while it lasts. At least we don't have to endure Billy PACCer talking about how great Duke is for a while.

6:45 (12:43) Bruce Davis gives Delaware State the lead! I give it 2 more minues before Duke gets its act together.

6:47 (11:37) TV Timeout, and it couldn't come any sooner for Duke. 16-13 Delaware State, and they still have a free throw to shoot after Duke fouls the Hornets' Aaron Fleetwood.

6:49 I noticed the Delaware State fans have really shown up in bunches because they are as loud as the Dookies.

6:50 (10:27) Daniel Ewing hits back-to-back baskets and Duke is back on top.

6:52 (9:28) Tracy Worley ties it back up at 20 for Delaware State.

6:53 Can we go for one minute without Bill PACCer saying that Mike Krzyzewski is a great basketball mind? We know he is, he's a Knight guy, but you don't have to keep repeating it.

6:54 Duke leads 22-20 but Shelden Williams has picked up a second foul.

6:55 (8:27) News flash: A charge was called on J.J. Redick! Usually that's a block call on the other guy.

6:57 (7:36)TV Timeout. Duke leads 26-22. Also very close: Louisville and their strong starting 5 are only beating Louisiana-Lafayette 33-30.

7:01 Delaware State is "iso"ing the guy whom Shavlik Randolph is guarding and dribbling past him. I don't know how long they are going to get away with this before the officials step in and call an offensive foul on Delaware State when Randolph's feet are moving.

7:04 Sure enough, Offensive foul, Delaware State.

7:05 (4:06) Timeout Delaware State. Duke went on a mini-run after the offensive foul and made the lead 34-28.

7:08 (3:00) TV Timeout. Still 34-28 after an ugly stretch of basketball.

7:10 (1:53) The officials help out Duke once again by calling Bruce Davis out of bounds.

7:12 (1:12) Timeout Duke.

7:14 (0:49) Redick tries one from NBA range and doinks it.

7:15 (0:00) Halftime: Duke 36, Delaware State 28. I guess the challenge from Delaware State is over.

7:25 Live Look-in: Vermont is now leading Syracuse 30-27. Syracuse better pull this out because if they lose, Duke is going to have a free ride to the Final Four.

7:31 Louisville and Louisiana-Lafayette are tied at 40 with 15:36 to play in the game.

7:32 Wisconsin having no trouble with Northern Iowa down in OKC.

7:35 (20:00) Second half underway back in Charlotte

7:39 Duke leads 30-37 Shelden Williams, who can't afford to foul out for Duke, picks up his third

7:40 Now Shavlick Randolph picks up his 3rd. It's amazing to see Duke in foul trouble at all, let alone have Randolph and Williams in foul trouble.

7:41 (16:52) Four fouls on Randolph. He goes out

7:43 (15:34) Lee Melchionni scores to increase the Duke lead to 9

7:44 (14:55) Intentional foul on Bruce Davis. Nice gift to Duke from the refs. TV Timeout.

7:47 Randoph hits one of 2 to give Duke a 10 point lead.

7:49 Live Look-in: Vermont is leading Syracuse 41-36 with 5:50 to go.

7:50 Gerry McNamara scores to bring Syracuse within 2. Timeout Vermont.

7:52 Germain Njila jams it home to make the lead 45-41

7:54 McNamara hits 2 to make it 45-43 Vermont with 4:09 left.

7:55 (3:18) Warrick ties it, but Coppenrath answers.

7:55 (2:51) TV Timeout. Foul on Njila of Vermont, so 'Cuse shoots 2 once play resumes. For those still interested in the other game. Duke is now running away with it 42-37.

7:58 Northern Iowa has pulled within 3 of Wisconsin.

7:59 Syracuse hits 2 free throws to tie it.

8:00 (1:34) Warrick slams it home to get the lead, the Njila ties it up with a slam of his own,

8:01 (0:30) Tied at 51, when Hakim Warrick committs an offensive foul. Vermont ball.

8:02 (0:15.1) Timeout Vermont. They've got the basketball with no shot clock.

8:03 (0:03.7) Njila steps on the line and Syracuse has a chance. I think we're going to see OT unless McNamara can get involved.

8:04 (0:00.0) Overtime in Woo-stah!

8:05 Other scores: Wisconsin 51, N. Iowa 48, 3:40 to go, LA-Lafayette 55, Louisville 54 4:03 to go.

8:07 (4:15 OT) We're underway in OT and Vermont draws first blood.

8:08 (3:28) but Syracuse scores 2 straight to take the lead 55-53.

8:09 (2:20) Tie-up. Arrow to Vermont

8:10 (2:10) Germain Njila scores the 3. 56-55 Vermont.

8:11 (1:47) Hakim Warrick turns it over. Possibly very costly.

8:11 (1:17) T.J. Sorrentine converts the turnover into 3 points. 59-55 Vermont. Syracuse needs to get a shot quickly

8:13 (1:01) Josh Pace hit a shot to get it within 2. Timeout Vermont, which gives Syracuse an opportunity to set up the press.

8:15 (0:15.9) Gerry McNamara crosses the timeline, and then loses the ball back over the timeline. One of the Syracuse players picks it up for the Over and back violation.

8:17 (0: 13.0) Foul on Syracuse. Martin Klimes hits 1 of 2 and Vermont leads 60-57.

8:19 (0:03.0) MCNAMARA MISSES! THE BALL GOES OUT OF BOUNDS THE OTHER WAY! All over but the shouting now

8:19 (0:00.9) Vermont inbounds the ball and it's all over. Vermont wins 60-57 in OT. The people at the game will tell their kids. "It was a wicked awesome game."

8:20 Live Look in: Louisville in a fight with LA-Lafayette. 65-62 Louisville with 41.0 seconds to go.

8:23 The Ragin' Cajuns wait too long to foul and it's now a 2 possession game with 0:14 left. They have to play "foul and pray" because they are out of timeouts.

8:26 Rick Pitino's Cardinals survive. Louisville 68-62.

8:27 Wisconsin has managed to survive Northern Iowa 57-52. Duke, of course, beat Delaware State a long time ago.

In-between games

8:30 Scores and highlights and yadda yadda.

8:43 Yeah, yeah "Coach K has more tournament victories" Whatever. Coach K won 2 more tournament games a year against teams that couldn't even get in when John Wooden was coach. Besides, Wooden still has the oak plaques on Krzyzewski.


8:52 We go back to Oklahoma City, where the Jayhawks are taking on the Bucknell Bison.

Starting for Kansas: Michael Lee, Christian Moody, Wayne Simien, Aaron Miles, and J.R. Giddens
Starting for Bucknell: Kevin Bettencourt, Charles Lee, Chris McNaughton, Darren Mastropaolo, Abe Badmus

8:53 (20:00) We're underway from OKC.

8:54 (19:10) KU opens the scoring with a 3 point play by Michael Lee

8:55 Michael Lee is on a personal 5-0 run.

8:56 Kevin Bettencourt converts the rare 4-point play to pull within 1.

8:57 (16:47) Wayne Simien makes his presence known with a dunk

8:58 (15:59) TV Timeout. Jayhawks lead 7-6

9:00 (14:54) Bettencourt hits a 3 to tie it

9:04 (14:19) Charles Lee hits a 3 to put Bucknell in the lead! Kansas needs to put Langford in there now to give this team a spark.

9:06 (12:32) Donald Brown with the flush! Time out, Kansas. Bucknell leads 18-12.

9:09 Quick check of the other games: Georgia Tech 13, George Washington 8; Old Dominion 22 Michigan State 17; Stanford 18, Mississippi State 16.

9:11 (12:08) Langford clanks his first shot, but showing no ill effects otherwise.

9:12 (11:41) TV Timeout. Still 18-12 Bison.

9:14 Live Look-ins: ODU 24, MSU 17; Georgia Tech 16, George Washington 13; Stanford 24, MSU 18.

9:15 (10:26) Back to Kansas-Bucknell. Charles Lee goes to the line and makes 2. 19-12 Bucknell.

9:16 (9:36) Wayne Simien scores. We all knew he'd show up to play, but the rest of the Jayhawks need to get on track.

9:18 (9:34) Kansas's Jeff Hawkins committs a foul on the perimeter and Bettencourt hits 3.

9:19 (8:46) Simien hits a shot and rips a defensive rebound on the other in.

9:24 (7:13) TV Timeout. Bucknell leads 22-19.

9:25 (6:15) Wayne Simien continues to keep Kansas in the ballgame 24-21 Bucknell.

9:28 (5:26) Chris McNaughton misses the free-throw but has scored the Bison's last 4 points.

9:30 Bob Wenzel: "The Patriot League has never won a tournament game." Well, when you're a non-scholarship league and your teams are usually 15 or 16 seeds, that's what happens

9:32 (3:43) TV Timeout. Bucknell still leads 28-23.

9:35 Miles hits both free throws and makes it 28-25.

9:35 (3:02) Christian Moody cuts the lead to one with a layup

9:36 (2:30) Miles bricks the potential go-ahead shot and Bucknell gets the rebound. Timeout Bucknell.

9:37 (1:58) Michael Lee follows up his miss and puts the Jayhawks up 30-28 after converting a 3-point play.

9:39 Kansas has played better perimeter defense. Bucknell has not hit it's last 15 or so 3 point chances.

9:41 (0:24.1) The best play in basketball: Everyone hitting the deck for a loose ball. Three white jerseys and 3 orange jerseys collided to try and get the ball.

9:42 (0:00.0) Halftime: Kansas 31, Bucknell 28.

9:46 Live Look-in: Georgia Tech leads George Washington 32-28 with 2:49 to go.

9:48 Also at halftime: Mississippi State leads Washington 44-43; ODU leading Tom Izzo's Michigan State club 42-37.

10:07 (16:17 2nd half) Kansas leads 37-35. (Sorry, I was heating dinner and missed about 5 minutes of the half. Hey, I gotta eat also).

10:07 (15:48) TV timeout, Kansas

10:12(15:33) Bison's Charles Lee ties it with 2 free throws

10:14 (14:31) Bettencourt gives the Bison the lead back on a 3 pointer.

10:15 (13:30) TV Timeout, Bucknell leads 44-40.

10:19 (11:58) Wayne Simien makes it 44-42. TV Timeout.

10:23 (11:00) Kevin Bettencourt is on fire. I know, I know it's an overused cliche but what else do you call 19 points in 30 minutes against a team like Kansas?

10:25 (9:30) Wayne Simien cleans up Aaron Miles's mess and pulls KU within 1.

10:25 (9:25) Timeout Bucknell 47-46 Bison

10:29 (7:11) Teams trade baskets, and the lead. 49-48 Bucknell. TV Timeout.

10:30 I'm struggling just to keep up with this game. It's really close and really exciting.

10:33 (6:48) Foul on Simien. Chris Niesz makes 1 of 2 to make it a 2 point game.

10:34 (5:48) Simien hits 2 free throws. It's tied at 50 and the partisan KU crowd is on it's feet

10:35 (5:29) Charles Lee hits a huge 3 for the Bison. 53-50 Bucknell.

10:36 (4:19) Simien hits 2 more foul shots 53-52 Bison.

10:37 (4:09) McNaughton hits 2 foul shots at the other end to make it 55-52 Bison.

10:40 (3:11) TV Timeout. Kansas has 2 shots coming out of the break....

10:43 ...and Miles hits them both. 55-54

10:44 (2:49) Chris Niesz makes it 58-54 Bucknell on the 3-ball.

10:45 Kansas is shooting 78% from the line, and that's what's keeping them in the ballgame

10:46 (1:56) Timeout Kansas 60-56

10:47 Craig Bolerjack: "The last first round loss by Kansas was 1978 to UCLA." Yeah, except there were 32 teams in the field that year, and that would be equivalent to a second round game now. And UCLA was UCLA then.

10:48 (1:08) Bucknell leads 62-59. Kansas is playing like they did during the second overtime of the Texas Tech game.

10:51 (0:54.0) Intentional foul on Bucknell on a breakaway. Michael Lee hits both free throws. and Kansas has the ball.

I don't know about that intentional call either, but unlike the one in the Delaware State game, this one doesn't appear to be affecting Bucknell's composure at all.

10:55 (0:26.0) Foul on Bucknell. Keith Langford has 2 shots to tie...

First one goes in...

Second one is made also! 63-62 Kansas.

10:56 Chris McNaughton hits probably the biggest shot in Bucknell history 64-63 Bucknell.

10:57 (0:03.5) John Griffin bricks the front end of a one-and one. Timeout Kansas

10:58 (0:02.4) Inbound to Simien... AND IT'S MISSED! Front rimmed! Bucknell knocks off the Big XII co-champs!

11:00 Bolerjack: "And we have a stampede of Bison!" Classic.

11:01 Live Look-in: Michigan State leads Old Dominion 81-77 with 1:35 left. I guess Vermont used up all the upset karma in the last game.

11:02 Other games: Georgia Tech 71, George Washington 60 3:02 to go. Mississippi State beats Stanford 93-70

11:04 Michigan State is now leading 84-77 and ODU is down to "foul and pray"

11:10 MSU finally wins 89-81.

11:11 CBS goes to another live look-in: Georgia Tech is having no trouble with George Washington.

11:12 And Georgia Tech wins.

Well, They're wrapping up and so am I. My bracket's thoroughly busted, how's yours?
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