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Tournament Journal - 3/18/2005 (Afternoon Games)

Before I get started today, I want to point out this article in the Kansas City Star where Keith Langford says he's going to give it a go today for Kansas

Oh, and Steve, 63-61 West Virginia.


11:00 Local News right now. Not Surprising, the Longhorns' defeat is top story. Despite the loss, The Big 12 is acquitting itself well as Oklahoma and Texas Tech won. At least we're not the SEC.

11:05 Clear and in the 60s here in Austin.

Today's KEYE Tournament Schedule: Oklahoma St-Southeast Louisiana(will probably get a lot of look-ins at Iowa State-Minnesota as well), North Carolina-Oakland (lots of live look-ins there), Delaware State-Duke (ditto), and Bucknell-Kansas(which could actually be a good game).
11:10 CBS'5 minutes until the first games tip off, 20 until OSU-Southeast Louisiana. I asked my brother, who goes to Southland Conference rival Texas State, what he knew about SE Louisiana. He said, "Who's that?"

Oklahoma State-SE Louisiana

11:15 We're underway in Worcester and Julius Hodge hits the first points for NC State. 15 minutes to OSU's tip.

11:19 Charlotte jumps out to a 10-4 early lead.

11:22 Timeout NC State. Charlotte has increased the lead to 13-4. Herb Sendek is now officially coaching for his life.

11:26 Just realized that UNC and Duke are both playing in Charlotte today. You know there's going to be a lot of dirty looks and awkward silences on the arena concourse when the UNC fans clear out and the Dookies arrive.

11:29 We are switched to Oklahoma City for our game. The announce team in OKC: Craig Bolerjack and Bob Wenzel. 1 minute to tip.

Starting Lineup for the Cowboys: Ivan McFarlin, Joey Graham, John Lucas, Daniel Bobik, JamesOn Curry

11:30 And we're underway in the OSU-SE Louisiana game. Ivan McFarlin gets the first points for OK State.

11:33 (18:33 1st Half) JamesOn Curry is rejected by 6-10 Nate Lofton. Who knew the Lions had frontcourt guy over 6-8? Tied at 2

11:35 (17:32) Curry hits a 3 to tie it at 5. OSU can't afford to let this team hang around.

11:37 (15:45) OSU Switches to a half-court trap and they force a turnover.

11:39 (15:23) TV Timeout. OSU leads 10-5. In the other Big 12 game, Iowa State trails Minnesota 5-4 with 15:46 to go.

11:41 (14:48) Out of the timeout, SE Louisiana's Ricky Woods makes the bucket.

11:42 (14:19) Woods makes his second straight basket and converts a 3 point play.

11:44 (13:04) OSU converts 2 straight baskets.

11:45 Bob Wenzel just referred to SE Louisiana's coach, Billy Kennedy as "Billy Gillespie." Bob, you're about 100 miles off.

11:46 (12:12) Timeout SE Louisiana. OSU leads 19-9

11:50 (11:51) TV Timeout. OSU forced a turnover, only to turn it back over to Southeast Louisiana.

11:51 The Cyclones have now pulled ahead of the Golden Gophers. Yah, you betcha!

11:53 (11:12) McFarlin converts a basket right out of the Timeout. If they can hang on to the basketball, Southeast Louisiana doesn't stand a chance, but they keep turning it over.

11:55 (9:22) Thomas Woods just blew an easy layup for SE Louisiana. Time Out OSU. Eddie Sutton wants to settle his team down.

11:58 (8:28) The Lions' Johnathan Patton hits a 3 to cut the lead to 7. 21-14 OSU. John Lucas was pulled during the Timeout.

11:59 (8:02) OSU goes man press and SE Louisiana almost converts a easy deuce.

12:00 PM (7:42) TV Timeout. Let's see if OSU puts Lucas back in the game.

12:03 (7:42) Lucas is back in for Curry after Curry converts 2 free throws.

12:05 Iowa State is leading Minnesota 20-15 with under 7 minutes to go.

12:06 (6:41) Lucas hits 2 free throws to increase the lead to 10. OSU needs to put this one away so we can get a look at other games.

12:07 (5:55) Timeout SE Louisiana. At Halftime: Charlotte 36, NC State 29.

12:09 (5:34) Johnathan Patton hits a 3 to make it OSU 27, SLU 22.

12:14 (1:51) Oklahoma State goes on a mini-run of 4-0 which degenerates into a period where neither team can hit a single shot. TV Timeout. 33-26 OSU.

12:15 Iowa State leads Minnesota 31-23 with 1:45 to go. Florida leads Ohio at the half 36-28.

12:17 (0:40.0) Ugly possession for SLU.

12:19 (0:19.0) Ivan McFarlin, the difference in this ball game, hits a turnaround jumper to make it 35-26 OSU.

12:20 (0:00.0) And that's the margin at halftime as SLU's Scott Roninger misses a buzzer-beater. SE Louisiana is game, but they clearly don't belong on the court with OSU in terms of talent or coaching.

12:22 Also at the half: Iowa State 33, Minnesota 23.

12:24 Live Look-in: Charlotte leads NC State 41-35 early in the second half and the Wolfpack look out of synch.

12:29 Curious. The court in Worcester has NBA court markings along with the collegiate markings, but there is no NBA team in Worcester... Hmm... wonder if Worcester is applying for an NBDL franchise.

12:34 Charlotte is leading by 9 when they take a break so they can send us back to Oklahoma City.

12:40 Bob Wenzel thinks SE Louisiana can stay with the big boys. I want to know what he's basing this on, because I don't see it.

12:41 Start of the second half. Joey Graham turns the ball over twice and is immediately yanked for Terrence Crawford.

12:43 (17:53 first half) Ricky Woods converts an offensive rebound into points and SLU has cut the lead to 35-28.

12:44 Timeout OSU.

12:47 (17:21) Out of the timeout OSU gets a basket from Ivan McFarlin. Timeout SLU.

12:48 Minnesota has closed the gap on Iowa State to 39-30 ISU.

12:49 (16:16) SLU goes to a zone and Graham, back in the game for Bobik, makes them pay with a good perimeter shot.

12:50 It bears repeating: if OSU can quit turning it over, they could put this team away now. They are even in turnover differential.

12:52 (15:01) TV Timeout. Florida leads Ohio 47-34

12:56 (13:26) OSU jumps out to an 11-point lead on a Lucas jumper. The partisan Oklahoma State crowd is ecstatic.

12:59 Ugly stretch of bad shots, but SLU does chip away at the lead.

1:00 (11:03) TV Timeout. OSU leads 41-35.

1:03 Live Look-in: NC State and Charlotte are tied at 59

1:04 (9:53) After the timeout, SLU scores 4 unanswered points to cut the margin to 3...

1:06 (9:31) ..but Joey Graham hits 2 free throws to make it 5 again.

1:08 (7:50) TV Timeout. There was a SE Louisiana player who hit the floor hard, we'll see what the deal is after the timeout.

1:13 (7:46) The SLU player is apparently OK. Joey Graham picks up his fourth, and Johnathan Walker hits 2 free throws

1:15 (6:05) Ricky Woods hits a layup to make it 47-43

1:16 (5:34) and then Ivan McFarlin answers. 49-43 OSU.

1:18 (4:14) The teams trade baskets. 51-45 OSU.

1:21 (3:44) JamesOn Curry makes a 3 pointer to make it 54-47. Timeout SLU.

1:22 (2:59) TV Timeout. OSU is hitting 66% of it's 3 pointers compared to 30% for the Lions.

1:25 (3:02) John Lucas makes 2 free throws to get the lead back up to 9. (56-47)

1:27 (2:26) OSU takes a quick timeout to change strategy. I think they are going to slow it down on SLU, who need break out of their deliberate pace if they want to win.

1:28 (1:49) SE Louisiana is going to "foul and pray." OSU's free throw percentage for the game: 76%

1:30 (1:08) They are handing out players of the game already. Naturally, it's McFarlin for OSU with his 18 points.

1:32 Crowd shot: Daniel Bobik's wife

1:33 Live Look-in: Ohio and Florida are tied at 60, but the Gators have the ball...

1:34 ...and Florida converts a 3 point play....

1:35. ...and Ohio turns the ball over after a short timeout. NC State has upset Charlotte.

1:37 (0:00.0) While we're looking at Ohio-Florida, the game is over in OKC: OSU 63, Southeast Louisiana 50.

1:39 It's now a 2 posession game as Florida's Anthony Roberson hits 2. 0:25 left.

1:41 And Ohio can't get a good shot. Billy Donovan is the luckiest coach in America.

1:42 And the SEC saves face by improving to .500. Florida 67-Ohio 62.

1:43 In the other Big 12 game, which we never got to see because OSU never ran away with their game, Iowa State beat Minnesota 64-53.

(Taking a quick lunch break, be back in a bit.)

Late Afternoon Games

1:53 The UConn-Central Florida game has tipped off. Central Florida, while a 15 seed, is moving up in conference next year to Conference USA.

1:56 UConn has jumped out to an 8-3 lead and are playing really tight defense at the moment.

1:57 Josh Boone just dunked the ball. They're not booing him, they're saying "Booooooooooone!"

2:00 TV Timeout at 14:32. UConn is already up 14-5. I suspect that when they switch games, this will be the last we will see of this game.

2:06 Central Florida has brought it back to 17-12 as we switch to Charlotte and Jim Nantz and Billy PACCer calling the UNC-Oakland game.

UNC Starting Lineup: Rashad McCants is back along with Sean May, Jawad Williams, Jackie Manuel, and Raymond Felton.

2:08 (20:00) We're underway in Charlotte.

2:10 (19:29) Williams slams it home to bust the Oakland zone.

2:11 (18:13) Raymond Felton hits the 3 to make it 5-1

2:14 Oakland has not hit a shot yet. We may be going to other games shortly. UNC apparently has learned from it's Clemson loss and is not going to let this team hang around.

2:15 (17:13) Timeout Oakland. According to Jim Nantz, Oakland is in Rochester, Michigan and is near the old Pontiac Silverdome.

2:18 (16:51) Oakland hits it's first basket.

2:19 (15:17) TV Timeout and not soon enough for Oakland. UNC on an 8-2 run. The Tar Heels right now are trying to outrun these guys.

2:27 (12:15) North Carolina still on a run. They are shooting 81% from the floor

2:27 (11:57) TV Timeout. UNC leads 25-13.

2:30 (11:36) After the time out, Jawad Williams hits a shot to make it 27-13

2:31 Tar heels on another run.

2:32 (10:05) Time out Oakland It doesn't matter what defense Oakland uses, North Carolina still hits its shots. 33-17 UNC.

2:33 (9:18) Marvin Williams is in the game and hits a 3, to the delight of the Sports and Bremertonians folks. He has 8 already.

2:37 (7:39) Marvin makes a tremendous dunk. Timeout Oakland. Can CBS switch now, please? Before Billy PACCer starts gushing?

2:39 Connecticut is leading Central Florida 47-31 at halftime. New Mexico is down 23-6 to Villanova halfway through the first. and SIU is leading St. Mary's of California in a battle of mid-majors.

2:45 (5:57) We've hit a rough patch in the game where no one is hitting a shot.

2:48 Live Look-in (finally): Southern Illinois is having no trouble With St. Mary's. 32-22 SIU

2:55 Halftime in OKC: SIU 35, St. Mary's 26. Halftime in Charlotte: UNC 59, Oakland 33.

2:59 Live Look-in: Villanova 34, New Mexico 10 with less than a minute to go. New Mexico's previous low for a half is 22. Yikes.

3:05 Live Look-in: UConn-Central Florida. UConn is still up by a lot. Charlie Villanueva is just dominating this team. Of course when you're 6-11 and the other team's tallest player is 6-8 these things happen.

3:12 KEYE decides to switch to SIU-St. Mary's rather than go back to UNC-Oakland. Good call. That one actually has the potential to be interesting.

3:17 (20:00) Second Half underway in Oklahoma City.

3:17 (19:07) St. Mary's hits the first shot of the second half to make it 35-28

3:18 (18:31) Timeout SIU. Paul Marigney of St. Mary's makes the layup to make it 35-30.

3:20 This latest batch of David Spade Capital One commercials isn't funny at all. This thing Jumped the Shark at "Saint Thomas? Saint happening."

3:22 (17:34) SIU turns it over out of the timeout. Not the way you want to play out of the timeout.

3:24 (17:22) SIU takes a timeout for strange and unknown reasons. No field goals in 5 minutes for the Saluki's

3:26 (15:49) Darren Brooks snaps SIU's drought with a layup.

3:26 (15:22) Stetson Hairston hits a 3 to extend SIU's lead back to 10. St. Mary's really needed to hit more shots in that 5 minute period where SIU went scoreless.

3:29 (15:00) TV Timeout.

3:34 (13:38) After another ugly stretch, Matt Shaw dunks to make it 42-30 SIU.

3:36 There's no other game CBS can switch to at this point. UConn-UCF is not close, UNC-Oakland is no longer competitive and Villanova is leading New Mexico by 19.

3:43 Clank, clank, clank. A rough stretch for both teams.

3:44 the game is bad when Bob Wenzel is talking about the promo

3:44 Live Look-in: The UConn-UCF game has surprisingly become competitive. It's 68-60 Uconn with 4:10 left in the game.

3:50 Now UConn appears to be getting a handle on things. It's now 72-62.

3:51 Central Florida hits a 3 to make it 72-65, and they go to the full court press.

3:53 Now Central Florida has gone to "foul and pray" CBS sends us back to OKC and Southern Illinois and St. Mary's which is now 47-47.

3:54 (5:55) Stetson Hairston hits 3 free throws. 50-47 SIU.

3:56 (5:00) Hairston hits a 3 to put SIU up 6.

3:57 (4:38) St. Mary's Daniel Kickert makes 2 free throws. 53-49 SIU.

3:59 TV timeout. St. Marys has suddenly gone cold. 57-49 SIU.

4:00 Live Look-in: UConn-UCF. UConn up 75-71 with 9.4 seconds to go.

4:03 Final: UConn 77, Central Florida 71

4:04 Live Look-in: Villanova is still leading New Mexico in a low-scoring affair, 46-36.

4:06 Billy Raftery, on a Villanova basket off the window: "The little kiss, from the little guy!"

4:07 (1:59) Back to Oklahoma City. SIU leads St. Mary's 61-54.

4:08 (1:33) Kickert back-rims a wide open 3.

4:09 (1:08) E.J Rowland hits a jumper to make it 61-56 SIU

4:11 (0:51.1) Gaels have gone to "foul and pray"

4:12 (0:41.0) Kickert clanks another open 3. It's pretty much in Southern Illinois' control now. SIU will take on Oklahoma State Sunday.

Blog you later!
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