Monday, March 28, 2005

Tournament Journal - 3/28/2005

Yes, I didn't live blog yesterday. I just watched the games. Lot less pressure.

Anyway, let's recap, shall we:


Albuquerque: Louisville 93, West Virginia 85 (OT)

Live blog

Chicago: Illinois 90, Arizona 89 (OT)

Most of the time, when a team trails 15 with 4:00 to play, you can write off that team. Illinois was not "that team." They hung tough and won it.


Syracuse: North Carolina 88, Wisconsin 82

This is the only game of this round that did not end up in overtime, but it was close until about 1:55 left when North Carolina pulled away. I had North Carolina as the champion in my pool sheet, despite the fact that they didn't show up in 2 ACC Tournament games and it turns out to be the only Final Four team I got right.

This is my first year in a pool of experts (I'm in Yoni Cohen's Blogger's Bracket) and I'm tied for 283rd (out of over 300) last I checked. I have no hope of winning.

Austin: Michigan State 94, Kentucky 88

Michigan State took control in the second overtime, ending any chance of Ashley Judd being at the Final Four. Darn. She wasn't in anywhere in Austin this weekend (apparently boyfriend Dario Franchitti had a race).

I thought about trying to get a press pass for this, but didn't know who to contact.

Regular posts return tomorrow

Tomorrow: Whither Tech Basketball/New adventures in the blogosphere.
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