Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Feedback: Tournament Journal.

Dear Readers,

I need need your input on something.

If you've been following this blog regularly, or you have been reading my diaries at
YoCo :: College Basketball, you know that I tried to do a live journal for the first two rounds of the tournament, along the Bill Simmons' journals for ESPN.com. At first it was kind of fun as the adrenaline rush of Thursday's games helped carry me through the first day. The whole live blog thing was great for a day and a half, then it just started to be draining trying to keep up with four games at once. By the time Texas Tech beat Gonzaga on Saturday, I was worn out. Plus the Austin area weather didn't cooperate by throwing a huge lightning storm my way that forced me to shut down my computer and the TV.

Also, the end product of the first 2 days and 1 game looked more like a play-by-play account and it wasn't nearly as witty or entertaining as I hoped it would be, and certainly not on the humor level of The Original Sports Blogger.

Plus, I wasn't getting much feedback or trackback.

So by Saturday night, I changed the Tournament Journal format to a kind of "notebook piece" that
other bloggers have praised me for.

And that's the way I was going to do it, until a check on Technorati turned up a link to the journal on
ACC Basketblog (added to the blogosphere as of today). And they thought well enough of the journal to put up a link.

So now I'm torn. Do I keep doing a live blog or do I just do recaps?

If you haven't seen the Articles yet, here's the links to them:

Live Journal
Afternoon Evening
Afternoon Evening
Texas Tech-Gonzaga


What do you guys think I should do? Live Journal or Recaps? Leave feedback in the comments section


P.S. I may not get to do a live blog on Thurday Night because of my social calendar, so any live blogging for the sweet 16 will have to start Friday. (Hey, I have a life outside the blogosphere too!)

Tomorrow: Say Good Knight to Indiana.
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