Thursday, March 31, 2005

The difference beteween MLB and the NFL

What's the difference between the NFL and Major League Baseball?

OK, aside from the fact that they play different sports, smartass.

The NFL knows how to handle a steroid controversy and baseball doesn't

Baseball handles a steroid problem by covering it up. By enacting weak testing policies that nobody believes will catch anyone. By letting tainted records stand. By blaming the union when the policies come under scrutiny from Congress.

Contrast that with the way the NFL handles a steroid controversy:

60 Minutes broke a story that 3 Carolina Panthers, Todd Sauerbrun, Jeff Mitchell, and Todd Steussie, recieved steroids from a Columbia, SC doctor currently under federal investigation. So what does the NFL do? They negotiate with the union to tighten the drug policy. They investigate the case. In the coming days, they will probably suspend the players.

Baseball wouldn't have done anything. Oh sure, they may acknowledge there's a problem, but they will say that it's the union's fault that nothing gets done on this front.

Tomorrow: Baseball preview (sort of)
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